Stories to be told

We love people with a remarkable vision, a poignant history or an outstanding talent. Some are living their life in the spotlights, others stay behind the scenes all of their lives. But what they have in common is that their stories move us.

These are the stories that take center stage in our documentaries.

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How we approach things

The idea

Many ideas for our documentaries arise during our work. We come into contact with so many different people, listen, start a conversation and then suddenly we hear a story that makes us wonder: could this be special enough to grow into a film? Then a first round of resarch follows to determine is the idea is ‘viable’ in all its aspects:  accessibility, finances and the right place for broadcasting and/or distribution.

Our method

Our approach to subjects that we initiate ourselves – to go into a subject as deeply as possible – requires a long lead time: we often spend a year or more working on these documentaries to achieve this. Putting together the right team to work on such a production is therefore essential for us, bacause in addition to the importance of producing these films, the road to it is equally important. A beautiful and harmonious team is of great significance. 


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twee ogen bruin gespiegeld aan blauw
twee ogen blauw

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