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Each company its own character

Special Eyes regularly makes corporate films. Both profit and non-profit organizations know where to find us. They trust that we will bring something extra with our method and vision. Certainly also because good cooperation with our client occupies an important place in our productions.

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How we work

For the production of our corporate films, we work intensively with you, the client. After two decades in the profession, being able to enjoy the profession of filmmaking is only getting bigger. And that includes a harmonious way of working, in which there is an ear for the wishes of the client from the start.
With our Special Eyes we often find just that one twist to bring a story or storyline to life in a different way. The portfolio of corporate films is witness to this.

“Extremely beautiful! It continues to hurt. Always. Film has impact, is serious and informative. Full of respect and love.”

Working with Special Eyes is an inspiring creative process, both personally and professionally. Thanks in part to them, w have been able to develop good informational videos that are appealing and effective for our staff in more than 90 countries.”

A selection from our clients

Gemeente Amsterdam, VARA, Oxfam Novib, Nederlandse ambassade Canada, Golfbaan The Dutch, Feuerstein Instituut Nederland, Zonnehuis groep, Conclusion, AVRO, Omrop Fryslân, Juzzt Football, Sleeuwijk Yachting, Fraudehelpdesk, Easy Estepona, Omroep Gelderland, Omroep Max, Museum Sjoel Elburg, Uitgeverij Mozaiek, Stichting Sam, Spar, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, Fronterra Foundation, De Nieuwe Draai, Leyden Academy.


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